An integrated approach to improve your

employees health, safety and wellbeing

Implementation of this Work PositiveCI framework will provide Managers with an
actionable plan to improve employee health, safety and wellbeing.
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Supporting our most important asset

The Health Service Executive (HSE) believes that our employees are our most important asset in the delivery of high quality health and social services. The HSE Work PositiveCI is a completely confidential psychosocial risk management process that helps managers identify ways to improve employee health, safety and wellbeing.

This website and its contents has been adapted and redesigned specifically for the Healthcare sector which includes the HSE and HSE funded agencies.

Identify and measure psychosocial risk

Work PositiveCI assesses workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing, critical incident exposure, workplace safety culture and lifestyle behaviours. If not properly managed these factors can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing, increased sickness absence, presenteeism and lower productivity

Receive actionable feedback

It provides an easy-to-understand report identifying risk areas. An action plan provides clear guidance to improve employee wellbeing, safety and health with specific support and guidance in addressing critical incident exposure for HSE staff.


Improve performance

Implementation of Work PositiveCI can lead to high impact results, such as reducing sickness absence and turnover and increasing employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.


Comply with current legislation
Implementation of

Work PositiveCI will assist Managers to meet their legal requirements under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, and other European Legislation, with regard to reducing exposure to psychosocial hazards.


Comply with HSE Policies and Frameworks

Work PositiveCI will assist Managers to comply with the HSE’s Policies on the Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace, 2018 and Preventing and Managing Critical Incident Stress, 2012 as well as the requirements of the HSE’s People Strategy 2015-2018.



Work PositiveCI is completely confidential. The data is processed by an independent service provider in compliance with applicable Data Protection legislation. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


The four stages of Work PositiveCI

In consultation with our partners in the State Claims Agency (SCA) and the Health & Safety Authority (HSA), the HSE have adapted the Work PositiveCI framework for implementation within our Organisation.
Stage 1. Prepare

(responsibility of the Steering Group)

  • Secure stakeholder commitment
  • Create your Steering Group
  • Create your project plan



Stage 2. Measure

(responsibility of the Steering Group with Manager input)

  • Consider employee profiles and roles
  • Deploy Work PositiveCI survey(s)
  • Assess workforce outcome indicators
  • Assess current support measures and resources
Stage 3. Action Plan

(responsibility of Managers)

  • Communicate survey results
  • Prioritise issues
  • Create your action plan
  • Secure final commitment
  • Launch your plan


Stage 4. Review

(responsibility of Managers with Steering Group input)

  • Evaluate success measures
  • Monitor on-going performance
  • Determine overall success and areas to improve




State and stakeholder supported

The HSE variant of Work PositiveCI is brought to you by the Health and Safety AuthorityState Claims AgencyCISM Network Ireland, the HSE and Healthy Ireland.


As a Manager what do I have to do?

Work PositiveCI is easy to administer, completely confidential and produces results.


Sign up- register for your account

2. Follow the Work PositiveCI for Managers as per Guide

Work your way through the stages of Work PositiveCI

3. Create your survey

Log in and create your survey within the My Surveys screen

4. Distribute your survey

You can distribute your survey electronically or by paper

5. Use reports to build an action plan

Use online survey reports to help create your action plan